New Service: Mastodon!

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2 min readFeb 14, 2021


Today we are excited to announce Mastodon as the latest addition to the Start9 Service Marketplace! You can view the source code here.


Mastodon is a free, open-source, Twitter-like social networking platform that relies on a decentralized network of federated servers.

Until now, running and maintaining your own Mastodon server was not easy, so most users simply create accounts on someone else’s server. While this is strictly better than everyone connecting to a single, centralized server as is the case with Twitter and other social networks, it still means entrusting free speech to a few, trusted server operators. And for the server operators, it means being a middleman, a custodian of data —making them ultimately responsible for the content created and stored on their server.

Now that Mastodon has been added to the Start9 Service Marketplace, Embassy owners can run their own, private Mastodon server with the click of a button. And thanks to an enhancement from Start9’s own Dr. Bonez, it runs as a Tor Hidden Service, fully capable of federated networking with other Mastodon servers, including clearnet servers! You can configure your Mastodon server for personal use only, or you can permit others, such as your close friends and family, to create accounts on your server. Just be sure to remind them that they are trusting you with their data, and that you could censor them at any time. Instead, encourage them to be sovereign and run their own server!

Anyone can do it. No one can stop it.


  1. Ensure you are running EmbassyOS ≥ 0.2.8.
  2. Install Mastodon from the Start9 Service Marketplace.
  3. For specific instructions on how to use your new Mastodon service, see here.



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